This Aftermarket Exhaust For The A90 Toyota Supra Is A Huge Improvement

Complain all you want about the A90 Toyota Supra’s BMW origins, but is there a better place to source a straight-six than Bayerische Motoren Werke? Surely not.

The problem is, the B58 is one of the least tuneful inline-six that BMW has ever built. Its petrol particulate filters don’t help, but other manufacturers of big six-cylinder engines have the same regulations to contend with and have come up with nicer-sounding exhausts, we’d counter.

Thankfully, the aftermarket is ready and waiting to provide solutions to the Supra’s disappointing soundtrack. One of the first companies to have a go is Milltek Sport, which revealed its A90 pipes at the Goodwood Festival of Speed recently.

This week the British firm uploaded a video of a Supra fitted with its newly designed exhaust, and my, what a difference it makes. As we can hear once people have stopped walking in front of the camera, it provides a deeper, throatier noise, accompanied by some wicked bangs. Much more like it.

Milltek’s additions consist of replacement silencers made from T304L stainless-steel, a petrol particulate filter delete and a pair of brushed titanium ‘GT-115’ trims for the tailpipes. It’s arrived so soon after the car’s launch because Toyota UK kindly gave Milltek early access to the A90.

A price hasn’t been revealed, but Milltek has said it’ll be available later this year.